As a violin teacher, sharing the invaluable pursuit of musical expression with my students is my goal. I believe music is a gift that our world needs more of. A child playing a pint size violin touches the hearts of everyone. An accomplished violinist can create music that brings tears to our eyes. I believe in the endeavor of these two visions and the many phases in between.

There is a vast array of enriching treasures that a child or an adult can gain from exploring the world of the violin. A few of these gems are…freedom, joy, intelligence, coordination, self-expression, fun, responsibility, discipline, commitment, confidence, communication, beauty, creativity, courage, and friendship. Are you considering violin lessons? Please do, it is a journey worth taking.

Violin lessons with me begin with the practice of excellent technique. Technique is the foundation. Freedom of expression is the ultimate goal. Left hand and right hand technique are both emphasized in my lessons.  Creativity is explored through composition and improvisation. Individual self-confidence is strengthened as goals are reached. Numerous studies prove that studying music makes you smarter and enhances communication skills.  I encourage my students to join local orchestras, play in groups, and I help them with auditions for schools or orchestras. I organize an annual student recital for all my students every spring.

Playing the violin is a specialized skill that does require a commitment at home. Practice is so important that it even has it’s own window, please refer to it. Responsible commitment to disciplined practice builds strong technique and opens the window to an endless world of creativity, musical expression, and communication.

I am a classically trained violinist that has stepped into the world of improvisation in other genres of music. I love both worlds and with my own personal experience can help guide my students through whichever musical route they would like to take. My job as a teacher is to assist my new students very carefully through the beginning stages of learning the violin and to help the more experienced student become his/her own teacher. I am an extreme believer in having fun along the way.

You’ve been an inspiration musically and personally. Your encouragement of my violin playing has done wonders, and your incredibly charming personality and playful positive approach has been a real plus...
— J. Drost, student