Violin Studio Policies


My Personal Statement: My approach to the privilege of teaching music is as follows; I will always respect each individual’s own way of learning and I will share the techniques and ideas that I feel best suits each student’s own personal goals with the violin. I believe that learning to play the violin is a special skill that requires consistent dedication, in other words, PRACTICE. I commit to using my many years of violin experience to help each student develop their violin technique, their ability to be responsible through consistent commitment, and to deepen their journey through the depth of artistry that the violin and musical connection allows. I hope to have lots of fun along the way.

Monthly Lessons in YOUR home

30 minute lessons-$240 (five week month-$300)

45 minute lessons-$360 (five week month-$450)

60 minute lessons-$480 (five week month-$600)


Single Lesson-$150 (no monthly commitment)

Monthly Lessons in MY home (22nd St.)

30 minute lessons-$200 (five week month-$250)

45 minutes- $280 (five week month-$350)

60 minute-$360 (five week month $450) 


Single Lesson-$120 (no monthly commitment)


I ask to be notified of any cancellations 24 hours before the scheduled lesson and at that time a make-up class will be scheduled. If  the make-up class is not scheduled immediately, it is your responsibility to contact me and schedule your make-up class within two months time.  PLEASE READ CAREFULLY, if 24 hour notice has not been given, there will not be a make-up lesson scheduled. Please schedule lesson time carefully to avoid conflicts and keep make up classes to a minimum. Optional vacation is during Christmas/Hanukkah, spring break OR winter break, and summer.  If you are planning a special vacation or need a break for some reason, please discuss it with me one month in advance. If I am out of town or need to change the schedule in any way, I take full responsibility in rescheduling every lesson missed. 

Necessities: 1.Instrument&Bow (  2.Shoulder Rest (Kun or Everest) 3.Rosin 4.Cleaning Cloth 5.Music Stand 6.Notebook for recording lesson details 7.Music ( I will tell you what you need in your first lesson) 8.Pencil 9. Metronome and Tuner App 11.Practice chart from is optional (go to power of virtuous moments and select practice schedules)

Suggestions: Listening to music will positively contribute to your musical learning process. I suggest going to the library, itunes, and the music store. YouTube is also an excellent source for watching and listening to violin playing. I strongly suggest attending live musical performances regularly and will try to keep you informed of shows that I personally do not want to miss. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of regular practice at least 5 times per week and parents, it most likely will not happen without your help.

The music that you are drawn to is very important because we can learn a lot from playing by ear. Please share with me the music that you love. Violins are not just for classical playing. The possibilities are endless and classical technique gives each violin player the ability to go anywhere musically and to do it well. Congratulations on bringing a unique and exquisite art form into your life! I look forward to our musical journey together. If you agree to the terms above please sign…


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I feel so honored and fortunate to have found a teacher like Tonya.
— L. Berg, student and parent of a student